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The congress will be held online due to pandemic conditions.




General Information

1. The applied posters for presentation at our 3nd ACUGEN congress will be decided and accepted by the Poster Evaluation Committee.

2. The studies-to-be awarded among the poster presentations will be selected by the Poster Evaluation Committee.

Poster Admission Requirements

1. The deadline of abstract sending for the poster presentation’s is February 13th, 2022.

2. Applications for poster presentation can be made through our web site.

3. Participants who apply for poster and its presentation must have completed their congress admission process.

4. Acceptance letters of poster presentations will be sent to the participants’ e-mail addresses until February 16th, 2022.

5. The name of the person who will present the poster and the institution they work for or study at must be specified.

6. Title and main text of the abstract and the poster must be prepared in English.

7. In case of abbreviation in the abstract, the full name of the abbreviation should be given in parentheses at the place where it first appears.

8. The purpose of the study and the methods used should be briefly mentioned in the abstract, the findings should be summarized with enough numerical details and the conclusion should be explained in the context of the presented findings.

9. The complete abstract should not be more than 300 words, excluding the name of the title, name of the author, surname, and institution information.

10. In the English abstract, the researchers’ names (without specifying their academic titles) and their organizations should be written below the poster’s title. If there are researchers working in different institutions, the names of these institutions must be referenced with different numbers by labelling as a superscript next to the researcher’s name.

11. The poster will be presented on the boards throughout the congress/It can be online according to pandemic conditions.

12. It is obligatory for poster presenters to attend the congress. Otherwise, their poster applications will not be evaluated. The poster’s abstract and the poster itself will not be included in the congress booklet if the presenter does not attend the congress. Posters which are not sent in accordance with the rules mentioned above will be disqualified.

13. The poster presentation can be prepared and presented by one or more person.

14. Tables and figures cannot be used when sending poster abstracts.

15. The authors are deemed to have accepted the publication of their papers in the congress booklet when they send their poster abstracts to the Poster Evaluation Committee.

16. As a result of the Committee’s evaluation, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize awards will be presented to the poster owners at the end of the congress.

17. Poster owners can hang their posters on the board with their names in the foyer area between 13:30-18:00 on Friday, February 25th, 2022 or between 08:00-09:00 on Saturday, February 26th, 2022.

Abstract Submission Format

1. The abstract must be in A4 format.

2. The title of the article should be written in Times New Roman font, 12 font size and bold.

3. Only the initials of the article title should be written in capital letters.

4.  Academic addresses of the authors should be written and numbered appropriately in the upper corner of the author’s surname

5. The name and surname of the presenter author should be underlined, and the e-mail address will be given at the end of the abstract.

6. The length of the abstract should not exceed 350 words and should be written in Times New Roman font and 10 font size.

7. One space should be left between words.

8. Keywords should be written in alphabetical order.

9. The abstract page should be aligned with 2 cm at right and left and 2 cm at bottom and top margins.

10. The name of the submitted abstract file should be in the form of the name and surname of the presenter. The file should be in .pdf format.

You can access the abstact submission format by clicking the word file below.

By clicking the registration link below, you need to upload the summary format you have prepared.

Abstract Submission Format

1. Poster size should be in the specified lengths below.

Horizantal (cm) X Vertical (cm) :50 X 70, 70 X 90 or 70 X 100

2. The poster should be printed as a whole and in one piece.

3. The title and all text should be written in an easy and understandable font.

4. Section headings should be in bold and in a larger font size than the text.

5. The names and academic addresses of the authors should be written in bold and Italics form.

6. The name of the presenter author should be underlined.

7. References must be specified on the poster.

8. The figures used in the poster should be readable and be in the same font.



  • 1st Prize:  1st Prize Certificate and Award

  • 2nd Prize:  2nd Prize Certificate and Award

  • 3rd Prize:  3rd Prize Certificate and Award


Eda Tahir Turanlı

Acıbadem University

Head of Department

Molecular Biology and Genetics

Assist. Prof.
Zeynep Tokcaer Keskin

Acıbadem University

Vice Head of Department

Molecular Biology and Genetics

thumbnail_Nazlı Keskin_edited.jpg
Assist. Prof.
Nazlı Keskin

Acıbadem University

Molecular Biology and Genetics

Assist. Prof. 
Perinur Bozaykut Eker

Acıbadem University

Molecular Biology and Genetics

Ahmet Can Timuçin (21) (1)_edited.jpg
Asst. Prof. Dr.
Ahmet Can Timuçin

Acıbadem University

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Kaya Bilgüvar

Acıbadem University

School of Medicine

Umut İnci Onat  .jpg
Umut İnci Onat

Acıbadem University

Molecular Biology and Genetics


Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University

Içerenköy, Kayışdağı Cd. No:32, 34684 Ataşehir/Istanbul 

Contact: +90 531 956 37 15




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